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Pedre Muñoz Kuri


Pedre Muñoz Kuri is an architect graduated from the Universidad Iberoamericana (1995-2000), with a line of work in the area of ​​ecology, environment and sustainable development. He was a co-founding partner of the Laboratory of Bioethical Habitats S.A. of C.V. and since 2018 partner of SPRINGALL + MK.

Kuri obtained the recognition to the best project presented in the sudden better evaluated for students with the theme: A HOSPITAL WITHOUT BORDER in the frame of the congress BEYOND 2000 An international Conference of Architecture for Health.


He obtained the degree of Mtro. in Architecture with the academic program "The Project" Approaches to Architecture from the Historical and Social Environment by the UPC Barcelona Spain and the Mipl Esarq degree "Genetic architectures: the new cybernetic-digital project and the new ecological-environmental project" by the School of Architecture International University of Catalonia.


He studied the diploma taught at the Ibero-American University of Design in Sustainable Construction. 2008 and obtained an Acknowledgment prize 2008 Holcim Awards with the project "Sanitation and river remediation Tuxtla Gutierrez Mexico".


He has also been a professor at different universities, including the Universidad Iberoamericana and invited lecturer at the "International Conference BioDigital Architecture & Genetics" with the theme "Verical Zoology" Barcelona Esarq. 2011

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